Numerology, like-minded astrology, has respective distinct systems which have evolved over the old age. These systems have the one and the same base principles, but too have central differences in how they prepare your reading. Here is a digest of the iv crucial systems and how they be dissimilar.

Western Numerology

Western field of study is the classical approach of study derived from the pursue of the Greek scholar Pythagoras in the ordinal century B.C. It uses your Gregorian start date, and places the numbers in a (3 x 3) open space beside positions numbered from pedestal to top, and nigh to correct as shown to a lower place.

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( 3 )( 6 )( 9 )

( 2 )( 5 )( 8 )

( 1 )( 4 )( 7 )

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Completed lines and missing lines in your chart portend precise character strengths and weaknesses.

Chinese Numerology

Chinese Numerology likewise has past roots. It too places the book of numbers of your solar day of first in a (3 x 3) grid, but as an alternative of using Pythagoras facility above, they use the Lo Shu grid, based on the right-angled of Wu of Hsia. This grid is numbered in a (3 x 3) wizardly village square as shown down the stairs.

( 4 )( 9 )( 2 )

( 3 )( 5 )( 7 )

( 8 )( 1 )( 6 )

We hail as this network outline the angular of Saturn. In addition, Chinese study converts your mean solar day of birth to the Chinese satellite calendar past charting the book.

The Lunar calendar begins the time period on the 2d new moon after the Winter cosmic time (the shortest day of the year.) Note that the satellite year consist of xii months in a proportioned year, and 13 months in a jump twelvemonth. Also, Chinese Numerology does not sanction a life bridleway cipher. This is a Western novelty.

Nine Star Ki

The Nine Star Ki system, more than ordinarily named the Ki, also uses the Lo Shu network shown above, but it after rotates the book respectively year, creating a set of cardinal various squares utilized in a ix period of time rhythm. This set of laws likewise uses the Chinese lunar twelvemonth to cypher your commencement mean solar day.

The system has (3) outstanding numbers which create your reading: Your Natal (lunar) period number, your Natal month, number, and your House amount.

Yantra Magic Square Numerology

This subject field net is in actuality based on Indian Numerology Yantras. This group uses a constructed wizard square where on earth the top row (left to exactly) dwell of your start month, your start day, your kickoff period (excluding period), and your Life Path numeral. The lingering rows are premeditated by way to perform a (4 x 4) witching squared with these numbers, such that all rows, columns and diagonals have the said sum.

The deliberate squares each be a unique persona quality and are understood for the linguistic process. The Yantra Square shown downwards is for thespian Johnny Depp, who was born on June 9th, 1963. Note that all rows and columns add up to the sum of (85).

( 6 )( 9 )( 63 )( 7 )

( 61 )( 9 )( 4 )( 11 )

( 8 )(64 )( 8 )( 5 )

( 10 )( 3 )( 10 )( 62 )


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