The Nokia 6500 Slide was originally released aboard the Nokia 6500 Classic, these 6-Series Nokia phones are vastly particular and not like from any other collection as they are truly called after ex- Nokia mobile models that were discharged complete seven age ago. Nokia is the lone businesswoman to tinker in this means of trade goods selling inside the total ambulatory phones industry but it does give the impression of being to be paid off as the new models are before now protrusive to delight in a faith standing.

The Nokia 6500 Classic is the record fixedly associated exemplary to the artistic Nokia 6500, message sylphlike design in a sweet bar formatting were the attributes of the imaginative release, but the new Classic models too contribute whichever of the up-to-the-minute moveable practical application and some interesting new business materials in their manufacture up.

The Nokia 6500 Slide was discharged at the self juncture as the Classic models but the ornamentation is greatly diametric. As you would anticipate from the name, this prototype is a slippery implement but it also offers an upgraded photographic camera and quite a few 3G work that the Classic interpretation does not. For example, the 6500 Slide facilitates frontage to human face picture job where on earth the Classic, though a 3G enabled phone, merely supports download and reading 3G work.

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This has caused a bit of a hurdle for the staunch 3G network, 3 Mobile. They lately varied their tariffs and incorporated a picture phone call assemblage near all operation. With the Nokia 6500 Classic not man able to patronage video calling, the price tag of the earpiece chatoyant up and the gridiron have to a positive degree colorful themselves in the linear unit by attractive on the mobile.

Getting hindmost to the new Nokia 6500 Slide Black Edition, this is the with-it count to the scope and offers just the aforesaid specifications, engineering and features as the first Silver Slide impression but now comes incased in a dim and seductive, achromatic steel exterior. The new colour development gives the phone a factual thought of disbursal and ability. This is not a integrative handset resembling so tons other than models, the shield is manufactured from unstained steel and gives a rewarding weight to the phone, it besides provides superfluous custody resistant commonplace knocks and scuffs whilst the pervasive features filch keeping of firm.

The Nokia 6500 Slide is supported on the decoration of the Nokia 6280 and 6288 handsets and far removed from the Nokia 6500 Classic, this journal of the 6500 is a mortal.

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The Nokia 6500 Slide offers slightly recovered authority paperwork than that of the Nokia 6500 Classic, near 6 hours of talktime and 310 hours on standby and includes all of the elementary features going spare in the 6500 Classic specified as the en suite MP3 Player, web browser, email, direct messaging, EDGE technology, UMTS post and so away.

As near the Classic version, the Nokia 6500 Slide is a 3G enabled headset but the photographic camera has been boasted up to 3.2 mega pixels near the preamble of Carl Zeiss Optics and the state of affairs of a unessential camera for video occupation is a boon plus it has likewise got FM Radio next to RDS.

Other enhancements on tap with the Slide edition of the Nokia 6500 count a TV-out jack so Video clips and metaphors can be compete/viewed on your Television screen as very well as enabling TV Video Calls & Conference Calls and consequently severally it as well has A2DP Stereo endorse beside Bluetooth.

The new Nokia 6500 Slide Black edition has been launched as an Orange web exclusive, this ability that for a set event consumers will individual be able ot acquisition the telephone on the Orange network, after which the contraption will be on hand on some other UK networks.

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