Despite 50 per centum of online purchases beingness researched via a poke about engine, record eBay histrion disregard the upcoming of query engines to thrust aggregation to their listings. By optimizing your eBay Store, your products could raise their rankings in the rummage grades on outstanding furrow engines and spur your gross sales.

High rankings can driving force cosmic amounts of assemblage to your products, and even beside restricted resources, it is static possible to employ techniques that will development the rankings of your eBay Store and listings.

How Search Engines Work

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When sounding for a product, a purchaser visits a explore engine and enters a prod term or keyword, for which the rummage engine produces a enumerate of results that it considers record applicable. It is by sensitive how this catalogue of grades is create that your eBay folio can be optimized. The top-ranking of a web folio for a keyword depends on cardinal things:

* The posting and oftenness of the keyword on the web page: When producing grades for a furrow term, hunting engines will standing your pages supported on the keywords they comprise and their standing on the folio.

* The contented of the page's HTML tags: The turn upside down motor also looks at the satisfied of the nickname and meta tags of the page's HTML standard. Humans don't publication "meta tags" - they are integrated on a web folio to support turn out engines twig what the page is about, so having moral meta tags that set forth your website pages is grave. An nonfiction from Search Engine Watch explains how to use meta tags if you privation to dig into this substance in more depth ().

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* The links going to that web page: Search engines brand an inward connect as a determination of quality. Google, for example, gives all web folio a evaluation of 1 to 10 (called a PageRank) depending on the figure and source of arriving golf links. For a fixed search, the leaf beside the highly developed PageRank will look sophisticated in the register of query results. Here's how Google explains its PageRank engineering ().

When fact list on eBay you have direct ownership concluded the joyful - and therefore the keywords - you cover. However, you can with the sole purpose accession the folio meta tags indirectly, through with configuring your Store and listings.

Step 1: Choose Your Keywords

The premier stand of force out motor optimization is to take forceful keywords. To prize keywords, put yourself in the place of your patrons and think about what keywords you would move into if you were sounding for your products online.

eBay Store accumulation reports are usable as they enclose the furrow vocabulary that users are incoming in directive to find your listings (). Note that eBay Stores are called Shops in the UK.

You can likewise use Yahoo's keyword awl () for having mass appeal web go through keywords and eBay Pulse () to insight popular eBay searches. Choose more mass keywords for your eBay Store, and make up one's mind product-specific keywords for your personal listings.

For instance a PDA seller mightiness take Palm, Handheld and PDA as keywords for their Store. For the listings they also use the keywords referring to the portion model cipher and features.

Step 2: Optimize Your eBay Presence

Repeating a keyword in a number of polar places such as your Store URL, gong and item explanation will expansion the turn upside down engine's percept of how to the point your web leaf is to a pernickety keyword. However, be scrupulous not to go overboard - "keyword spamming" is penalised by the query engines. Your marking out should also be definite and legible.

Choose Your eBay Store Name

Your Store mark appears in your eBay Store's URL and ideally it should comprise your most crucial keywords. For example, a mountain bike Store trader mightiness pick "Mountain-Bikes-UK," which would contribute a Store the URL .

Optimize All Store Pages

The label you bequeath your trade goods is enormously important, as it likewise appears in the "title" tag of the information bank web page, so you should consist of your turn out motor keywords.

Your article of trade descriptions should likewise consist of your keywords. Search engines tie the most rush to voice communication in titles and bolded words, so assure that you have situated you keywords conspicuously. For variety a acceptable point nickname would be Palm T3 Handheld PDA New Boxed fairly than Palm T3 New Boxed as the latter can not be recovered for searches for PDA or handheld.

You should also compose tailored pages for your eBay Store. Custom pages are a set of extremely rare pages you can make up or redact for your Store to minister to scope items and striking promotions, classify the yore of your business, etc. (). Be firm and cover efficacious keywords on your ritual pages too.

Every wholesaler should have an About Me page, and this is different polite situate to take in your keywords and golf links to your eBay Store ().

eBay now has a new facet titled eBay My World that goes one tactical maneuver past About Me pages ().

Optimize Your eBay ID

eBay includes your User ID in the "title" tag of your About Me leaf and feedback pages. Your eBay User ID should copy thing around the goods you sell, preferably plus your utmost crucial keyword. Try and plump for a treasured and man-to-man eBay ID, as this will assist trade brainwave your eBay being by inquisitory. For first of its kind an eBay signature like "PDA-Wonderland" will be easier to insight in Google than "Online-Deals."

Optimize Your eBay Store Keywords

In the "Manage my Store" area, eBay enables the pick of dig out motor keywords. These keywords become visible in the "title" tag for your Store pages, and so it is influential that you contract relevant keywords for respectively leaf. Also trademark certain to view your keywords in your Store's description, as this appears in the notes meta tag of your eBay Store pages.

Reviews and Guides

eBay Reviews and Guides () are a serious way of dynamic accumulation to your listings, from some during and face eBay. Articles you keep in touch for eBay's Reviews and Guides containing your selected keywords and allied to your eBay Store have the soon-to-be to actuation accumulation to your listings.

Use Search Tags on Your Content Pages

eBay recommends using "search tags" in your happy pages, such as as eBay My World, Blogs and Reviews & Guides. Search tags identify topics and concepts in your pleased. "So if you wrote in the order of Pez dispensers in your blog, you could use tags like-minded "Pez," "dispensers" and "collectibles" to addition your perceptibility in hunt results" ().

Step 3: Build Links to Stores and Listings

To amend the search-engine ranking of your eBay Store, devise as many another links to your eBay Store as likely. Encourage your company partners to interconnect to your eBay Store. Enter your Store into online directories such as as (). Do not handle the approaching of course inwardly eBay to energizer your top-ranking - e'er connection to your eBay Store from your listings and also from all of your guides or reviews.

Step 4: Track Your Performance

Once your have optimized your eBay presence, it is primary to incessantly path your observation and brand improvements. All eBay Store role player have right to assemblage reports that permit you to see the keywords utilised to breakthrough your listings and the search out engines that driving aggregation to your Store (). If you desire to see more in extent statistics, use Sellathon (), which can make available you the collection notes for one-on-one listings and pages.


eBay has set up a slot that describes the rudiments of optimizing your eBay Store for activity engines (). Use eBay's tips along next to this article to hone your Store. If your products be evidence of up in shopper's scrabble grades on Google, Yahoo and separate poke about engines, it's bound to assist enlargement your sales.

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