Daily, companies mislay control of critical PPT documents and render impotent their agonistical positive aspect. Particularly at danger are:

  • Training and consulting companies whose key cultured person money are in PowerPoint®.

  • Company command delivering radiosensitive business organisation presentations to investors.

  • Brokers, financial/legal advisers beside a in flood due of exactness to save buyer rumour.
  • Copyright alone does not endow adequate wadding. In consulting, it is common for contacts to take, use and adapt the effort of others for their own goal. SoftShield(TM) Protection System prevents this by interference all writing and copying, with silver screen shots, printing, 'save as' and buccaneering computer code etc. So you can give your consultants in the field, for example, near your furthermost iron activity/consulting materials or sensitive data, in need the jeopardy of them reselling those materials, or even repeating spring manuscript/images and sharing it.

    For regulative compliance, firms now must reveal they have 'taken rational steps' to obstruct others from changing the glad of PowerPoint documents, even more in the Pharmaceutical, Insurance or Financial Services industries. Using a broad-shouldered computer code medicine look-alike SoftShield(TM) is one way to give you an idea about to others that such as tending has been interpreted. Look for the shadowing capabilities from your papers refuge solution:

    - Preventing all copy, piece of writing and black and white functions, together with robbery software;

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    - Providing trainers beside old PowerPoint functions and controls;

    - Allow admin support to intelligence/change users' screening rights remotely;

    - Apply divers enterprise models: demos, pay-per-view, try-before-buy and writing leasing;

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    - Change the enterprise epitome effortlessly by emailing users a unsubdivided record heart.

    How it works?

    PowerPoint® files are regenerate to a Secure PPT information victimisation a shift apparatus. The new record the stage on a Secure PowerPoint® Viewer that is improved into the profile itself. This way that users simply clink on a record to start on it. The Secure PPT show business like a natural slideshow beside all the controls trainers are identifiable with, e.g. slip animation, notes, PowerPoint backgrounds and PowerPoint templates etc.

    All writing and plagiarism is blocked, with projection screen shots, printing, 'save as', together with piracy software package that captures peak joyful. So you can parcel out your peak robust or emotional material with confidence; and it will frisk on any windows enabled computing device.

    When the Secure PPT is created the derivative instrument exists to insure that the Secure PPT will single enlarge when the accurate weaponry Key (dongle) is plugged into the computer's USB port. This key allows you to govern showing rights remotely (by end day or figure of views). The facility to charge showing rights remotely creates spacious probable for reach new markets, licensing and grouping receipts effortlessly. Companies addition a vast positive aspect over their competitors that do not indulge or support income from their educated person principal.

    Secure PPTs are efficiently dealt out by email, CD or download. From an end user's perspective, the booklet containing the untroubled routine is simply imitative to the consultants' portable computer or clients' group. After a undecomposable one-time setup, the things drama similar to a sane PPT, on the other hand if required, a SoftShield(TM) Key with legitimate use rights essential be offering. We supply backup keys encase the principal key is missing.

    When an end user seeks auxiliary viewing rights, they can simply download a directory from the vendor's website or spawn a request to admin staff. The screening rights word is conveyed as a file affection which the individual clicks on and applies. This way that extending display rights or varying 'terms of use' can be through against the clock and at negligible cost.

    For a simple, easy-to-setup trial, drop by our web piece of ground or email your subject matter.

    We would look-alike to comprehend from Business solutions resellers interested in change of integrity our network.



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