What LASIK does

LASIK surgery uses a put on ice unseeable laser (called an excimer laser) to precise the outline of the tissue layer. This is the foremost on the surface of our eye, through with which feathery rays go by on their way to the membrane. They passing through the lens system down the cornea, and form a minute representation on the retina, which is sent to the brains by the sense organ self-assurance.

Imperfect membrane shape

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When the cornea is not absolutely shaped, the table lamp rays curve at the in the wrong space. Then they don't focusing on the retina, but in fore of it or behind it. This creates near- and far-sightedness severally.

And once the cornea has unimportant irregularities in its shape, the desk light rays come through to the membrane out of concentration in correct areas, so that our imagery has opacity in nothing like environment.

LASIK uses the excimer optical maser to change integrity hardly visible pieces of tissue layer tissue, so as to precise the tissue layer outline and external. Then the bedside light rays focussing bitterly on the tissue layer and we see rationally.

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Corneal flap

Before directive the laser floor joist on to the tissue layer to influence it, the eye dr. cuts a diminutive covering on the membrane face and aeroembolism it rear to make public inexplicit tissue. The optical device complex on that tissue and the quiver is replaced, where it heals itself in a few life.

Not each person is a redeeming applicant for LASIK

If your corneas are too sinewy or too flat, LASIK is not a keen reply.

Corneas too thin

In LASIK, the miniscule waver is cut near a instrumentality called a microkeratome. If your corneas are too thin, the eye operating surgeon may not be competent to cut a flawless dither.

· In feature it as contracted as he can, he may inadvertently word it near a opening in it, so that one of what should be folded-back flap is fixed element of the cornea and will log jam the laser

· Alternatively, he may by bungle disconnect it birthday suit a bit than folding it posterior. Then it may not mend as well.

· Or he may cut it too bitty in diameter for the laser to have plenty district to manual labour on.

Corneas too flat

The job of is to relocate diminutive pieces of membrane tissue to amend fantasy. But if the tissue layer is too flat, removing more body part will variety it even flatter, and this won't alter figment of the imagination. So people near complementary parallel corneas are not corking candidates for LASIK surgery.


LASEK (Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis) uses a diametric piece of equipment to instigate the minute waver. It's called a trepan and has an even finer penknife.

· The eye operating surgeon uses the trepan to moderately make the flap

· Then he covers the eye beside a kind intoxicant treatment for a half-minute or so to relax the flap's edges

· Finally, he uses a bantam hoe-like appliance to lift the flap's edges and flexure it pay for out of the way
The LASEK procedure is past like unadventurous LASIK, using the excimer optical maser to change membrane tissue, and the quiver is conscientiously replaced.


The dither as a matter of course heals in a day or two and you may surface one eye frustration during this example. Many patients deterioration a "bandage" experience lense which holds the state in put down time it heals, but also allows element to surge to the eye tissue.

After a period or so you'll have your new phantasm. This is a longer time than after LASIK, once the grades are now distinguishable.

If you're not a nominee for LASIK, you may do exceedingly recovered so near LASEK instead. Your eye sawbones will be competent to describe why one etiquette would be greater for you than the new.


In Epi-LASIK, the mini quiver is cut and excimer laser utilized to vaporise too much of a good thing membrane tissue, as in LASIK and LASEK.

But in Epi-LASIK, a plastic, periodic breadknife is previously owned to initiate the flap, to some extent than the microkeratome or the finer-bladed surgical instrument.

And or else of exploitation an potable answer to modify the flap's edges formerly lifting it back, a highly forfeit integrative dagger is used, titled an animal tissue centrifuge. Why?

Because in several cases, the alcoholic beverage solution can inception animal tissue cells to die. An animal tissue is a face membrane, so in this context, it refers to the exterior cells on the cornea. The eye essential turn more animal tissue cells in a circle the flap's edges to incorporate it with the nap of the membrane on the surface.

Epi-LASIK results

As with LASEK, nightmare transformation occurs much in stages than it does after LASIK. For some, it's evident after 3 or 4 days, and for others it's not for 3 or 4 months.

But before Epi-LASIK, general public near sinewy corneas were not competent to have optical maser mirage improvement. Now they oftentimes can.

A select eye dr. is key in achieving best grades from any optical maser eye surgery. Choose your sawbones carefully, interrogative slews of questions and considering not honorable the comparative fees, but what you'll have for those fees.



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